• The Puppet Asylum

The Puppet Asylum


"The revelation that Otto’s film is assured and effective comes as no surprise. Cinematographer Lorenzo Levrini gives it a lush, Tim Burtonesque look."

Kim Newman, BFI


“I am the first writer and director with down syndrome commissioned by a British broadcaster to make a film like this, but hopefully not the last.” – Otto Baxter

Through short film THE PUPPET ASYLUM, which Otto wrote and directed, Otto finds the vocabulary to process his past and imagine his uncertain future. He tackles his demons head-on, but always with a riotous sense of humour.

Filmmakers Peter Beard and Bruce Fletcher direct the accompanying feature doc, OTTO BAXTER: NOT A F***ING HORROR STORY, which follows 35-year-old Otto Baxter as he writes and directs the short.


Director: Otto Baxter

Producers: Daisy Allsop, Peter Beard, Bruce Fletcher

Production Company: Story Films / Sky Documentaries

Alexa Mini / Master Primes